Wanting to help vs. hurting your cause.

John McCain stunningly came out last week stating that he was halting his campaign to go back to Washington to help resolve our current financial crisis. He was in fact so dedicated to this cause that he suspended his campaign and initially said he would be too busy saving the country to join in the Presidential Debate last Friday. He, of course, managed to sneak away from the crisis long enough to join the debate, and then somehow must have solved the Problem because he was right back to campaigning Monday, criticizing Obama for his supposed inaction. Obama for his part, kept out of the kitchen, apparently having been taught by someone what too many cooks can do to a dinner, made phone calls, and worked his side of the aisle. And come Monday, when the measure came up for a vote, Democrats came through with their votes, while the Republicans chose any reason they could find to justify their voting against the measure. What does this mean? it means that Even though McCain was apparently boots-down in D.C., herding this bill to it’s adoption, his party members decided they preferred a different route, they preferred to make a point, stand their principled ground, defy Nancy Pelosi, irregardless of the effect of their actions on the economy, on Wall Street, and more importantly, on Main Street. If this is the type of statesmanship that McCain will bring to the Oval Office, grandstanding, theatrics, and rash actions, then maybe more people should think about what they want for themselves, for their children, for their future, and for their savings and investments. Maybe a serious and grave crisis requires introspection, requires measured thought, requires the counsel of expterts, and not the cessation (short as it was) of a campaign. Especially when that gambit not only didn’t work, but failed miserably. And now that the gambit did not work, McCain is managing to step back from his savior role, and pretending that he never had the intention of going to DC and fixing the world as he so bravely did just a few days ago.