I told you so.

So. McCain is now proposing that the debates for Friday be pushed to next week, current crisis notwithstanding, since we all know the U.S. economy will be fixed by October 2nd (Remember, he wants to cancel the Friday debate until the crisis is resolved). Of course to move the debate until then would mean postponing, or cancelling the Biden/Palin debate. Not to be cynical, but isn’t that he would love to cancel or push until after the General Election anyways? He knows that Sarah Palin is no match for the long winded nature of Joe Biden and he most certainly would love to see that debate never happen. I warned of this yesterday when he initially tried to take his ball and go home on the presidential debate scheduled for Friday. I guess when the debate’s focus is likely to shift to something other than, I’m a good foreign relations person because I was a POW, it’s not as much as an advantage as you thought it would be.
  Now as Letterman pointed out last night, If Sarah Palin is supposed to be your V.P., and is supposed to be able to run the country in the case of you being incapacitated for any reason, ill health, surgery, untimely death, sniffles, whatever, then shouldn’t she be able to do the same thing now, for a campaign? It’s not like running a country, it should be a heck of a lot easier for an executive of her caliber who has so much more experience running things than some non-executive like Obama… She should be able to run Obama in the ground with all her ability. SUrely she can run the Campaign in McCain’s stead can’t she? If Palin can’t be relied on to run a CAMPAIGN for president, how can she run our country?