Fighting Wars Others Start

So… we have an asshat that decided to make a video that openly mocked another major religion. He made the video with actors who didn’t in all likelihood know what they were filming (seeing as certain terms, like ‘Islam’ and ‘Mohammed’ were dubbed over more innocent,innocuous words in the final edit). Well and enough, we tend to have free speech here in America. and as long as he had it in English-Only no one really watched it. Then he decided to get it re-dubbed in Arabic, and re-post it to youtube….. At this point you kinda have to guess that he’s doing this intentionally, else why are you making a film deriding a group of people and re-dub it in a language that YOU don’t speak, but THEY do?  And as soon as it causes issues, like the insulted people taking violent offense, evry right-wing nutjob jumps up and says 1.)  the asshat had a constitutionally-protected right to say and do whatever he wanted to, and 2.) We should nuke the people who were offended enough to get violent in protest in their own country.  Now, to 1,  that is certainly a right he has in America. A rather large chunk of the rest of the world doesn’t really see sppech in the same “free” way we do, and tends to believe that anything that a citizen of a country is allowed to publish must represent the political views OF that country. We can’t apply our rationale on people in other countries, they do not know what “Freedom Of Speech” is in the same way we do, and can’t understand it as a workable concept. As such, when a American asshat makes a video with the sole intention of pissing off a goodly segment (greater than 20% by population..) of the world population, that population may well translate that as America’s implicit agreement with said asshat’s views.  and Think about the number up above… more than 1-in-5 people in the WORLD are Muslim. why exactly are there folks that we allow to try and pick a fight they damn sure aren’t going to soldier up for? I say we Enlist Mr Terry Jones and Mr. ‘Sam Bacile’ (yeah it’s not his real name, and it was purely a freudian slip that he chose a name that sounded so much like Imbecile) and force-enlist them in the US Army so they can go stand at the front line in clear plain sight of the bullets they are trying to get our brave Soldiers to take on their behalf.

Survivor: D.C.

Candidates Reality Stars Swinging In The Wind
Romney Gingrich Bachman
Huntsman Perry
Paul Santorum

The above table shows who has decided to take their political campaign on the reality-show circuit by participating in a Debate moderated by Donald Trump. In what universe does Donald Trump make a qualified moderator for an actual debate? In what universe would candidates who might actually end up competing against Trump (Who still asserts he will run as an Independent next year) agree to a debate he is moderating?  Does he get to “fire” one of the candidates at the end of the debate? or deos he bring them on as an apprentice? Those dumb-ass candidates who agreed to this have most certainly asinine excuse for a campaign have definitely lost any shred of respect I might have held for them. Maybe this helps sort out who is actually serious about being President and who realize the gravitas of the office, from those ass-hats who are treating this like “Survivor: D.C.”

The latest distilled number by level of Conservatism

nate Silver, over at FiveThirtyEight, which is now a part of the New York Times,  has released his latest distillation of polling number in the way that only he can, with immense detail, verifiable facts, intelligent opinon, and overall the best in political coverage bar none.  so… based on his latest rollup of polling data, here’s a chart graphing the preference of the candidates across the conservatism spectrum of Republicans. It’s got one rather interesting feature I want to just point out real quick. Herman Cain’s support is VERY heavily loaded towards the uber-conservative side, which would tend to indicate that his current fidelity scandal may affect his numbers to a greater degree that it would affect him were he more popular with the moderate Republicans.  Maybe he shouldn’t have targeted quite THAT far towards the right?..