Are you stupid?

As Bill Clinton used for his campaign, “It’s the economy, Stupid.” Ans somehow, the republicans still don’t get it. During a time when the economy is under massive pressure, at a time when Americans face losing their houses, their jobs, and their hope, the Republicans are still busy playing games and protecting their friends. The have chosen to vote in a way that protects their short-term financial and political interests while destroying the long-term stability and viability of this nation. Are y’all out of your minds. As I type, the DOW is down about 650 points, and earnings reports won’t start tricking in until the end of the week. When THOSE reports come in, the Dow is really going to take a hit, bailout or no bailout. I’m sure glad that the “Maverick” McCain was able to ge in there and use his forecefull personality to convince his party to save the country.