Survivor: D.C.

Candidates Reality Stars Swinging In The Wind
Romney Gingrich Bachman
Huntsman Perry
Paul Santorum

The above table shows who has decided to take their political campaign on the reality-show circuit by participating in a Debate moderated by Donald Trump. In what universe does Donald Trump make a qualified moderator for an actual debate? In what universe would candidates who might actually end up competing against Trump (Who still asserts he will run as an Independent next year) agree to a debate he is moderating?  Does he get to “fire” one of the candidates at the end of the debate? or deos he bring them on as an apprentice? Those dumb-ass candidates who agreed to this have most certainly asinine excuse for a campaign have definitely lost any shred of respect I might have held for them. Maybe this helps sort out who is actually serious about being President and who realize the gravitas of the office, from those ass-hats who are treating this like “Survivor: D.C.”