Harry Whittington, 78, speaks Friday outside a Corpus Christi hospital for the first time since the shooting.CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (CNN) — Harry Whittington said Friday he was sorry for what Dick Cheney and his family have "had to go through" after the vice president shot him in a weekend hunting accident.

The 78-year-old Bush-Cheney campaign donor spoke briefly to reporters upon his release from a Corpus Christi hospital, but he took no questions.

Cheney sprayed Whittington with birdshot on his face and upper torso in Saturday’s hunting accident. Whittington suffered a mild heart attack Tuesday, doctors said, after a piece of birdshot in his body migrated to a heart muscle.

"We all assume certain risks in whatever we do," Whittington said. "Whatever activities we pursue and regardless of how experienced, careful and dedicated we are, accidents do and will happen." 

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