The Problem with America

Unfortunately, we live in a society that listens to rhetoric over rubric, that responds to fear before reason. A society that cannot separate a moral issue from a social agenda and that prefers the misplaced policies of the past over the promise of the future. In the coming 4 years I can predict with a fair bit of confidence that we will continue to lose soldiers in Iraq that Oil prices will continue to rise. That Unemployment may level off but underemployment will definitely increase. That Health Care Coverage will become a privilege of the wealthy. And that the middle class will find itself shrinking. I predict that next Memorial Day gas will be selling at $2.60 [note!! this was written in ’03,…]and that by the time those of us in our 30’s reach retirement age, we would be best advised to be employed because Social Security will be a specter of the past. Thank you America, you have made our world less secure in so many ways.